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87 Sunsport
10-30-2002, 08:13 AM
I have an 87 Sunsport with a Skylon pole. It is getting progressively looser. I put a digital movie camera in through the bilge cover and asked my wife to move the pole, I didn't like what I saw: The pole has a steel bar running transversely and is welded to about 8"x8"x1/4 inch steel plates that are lag bolted to the sides. These lag bolts have pulled loose. I don't see how I can get to these plates without cutting hugh holes on either side of the floor.

I went through something similar when the lag bolts on the swim platform came loose. I had to cut through the back locker and install steel washers and then refiberglass.

Maybe I should replace the entire floor, since this is inevitable, maybe I should just get a tower.

11-11-2002, 07:07 PM
tower definitely

that doesn't sound like a fun project. the center piece of flooring in my '87 saltare where the ski pole is, is separate from the side pieces. i guess the ski pole slides out and the middle section of floor can come out. i checked mine out when i was thinking of taking the factory ski pole out altogether but decided i liked it for an extra handle when walking around the boat.

if you plan to use the pole again, it'll obviously have to be put back together solidly.....spells upgrade