View Full Version : Northwest Arkansas- Beaver Lake

04-05-2014, 10:18 AM
We are on the lake almost every weekend during the summer, but the wife and kids get bored pretty quickly when it comes to watching dad wakeboard. I can't ever seem to get them on the water before the boat traffic roughs up the lake. Wouldn't mind having a few more friends that would like to hit the early morning sessions or possibly even some weekday afternoons.

All skill levels welcome. My skill set is pretty much limited to wake to wake jumps, but i really hope to improve that. I just bought an 03 Launch. Previously I was boarding behind a stingray I/O with my wife pulling me in less
than smooth conditions.

I'm also a certified diver- always looking for new dive buddies.- particularly those who know some good spear fishing spots. :)

04-08-2014, 11:17 PM
Beaver is a sweet lake. I'm up in Kansas City and like to get down to the southern MO/North Central AR lakes a few times a year. Heading to Bull Shoals this Memorial Day... really looking forward to that. Been on Table Rock quite a bit, and my buddy from college has a place on Beaver, though it's been a LONG time since I've been there.

04-14-2014, 08:37 PM
Bull Shoals is a nice lake. It's a little off the beaten path and doesn't get as crowded as Beaver.