View Full Version : 2004 Supra Santera v drive

10-13-2020, 08:53 PM
What is the factory prop? Also what prop should I purchase for a backup wakeboard and barefoot will be happening! Thanks in advance!

michael hunter
10-14-2020, 06:13 AM
Try calling Delta prop they can help you with the correct prop . Try discount code DP9PNA.

10-15-2020, 11:21 AM
Thank you!

Mischief IV
10-15-2020, 02:10 PM
I've got several brochures on this boat and they list everything but the prop specs. Boat empty is 3,250 lbs.

10-15-2020, 09:46 PM
Yes I can't find factory specs for any props in the manuals or online.