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06-29-2022, 01:16 AM
I am not sure which forum to post in. I have an 87 TS6M Comp, we rebuilt the motor. I have PP Star gazer and we ski buoys at a tournament site at around 5800 ft above sea level. I have the Borg Warner Velvet Drive 1:1. I would like to swap out the transmission with a 72C or equivalent with a 1.52:1 gear reduction for better performance. Does anyone know what transmission options came at that time and what is the correct replacement? I know there is not enough room for a 72C, it needs nearly 18 inches.

06-30-2022, 10:58 AM
A Borg Warner Velvet Drive 71c would have been the transmission used. What prop are you using? It would be much cheaper to put a lower pitched prop on than trans and prop.

07-02-2022, 10:27 AM
Thanks, we have that transmission on it now. And we have optimized the prop, I think I am running a 13 X13. Boat is running great. The 72C i had a line on was rebuilt at $1,350.00. I know new would be a lot more. I am going to play around looking for a solution that has the same dimensions. I would just like to know the options. Cost is certainly a consideration. Boat does fine for my old bod skiing at 34 mph. I probably couldn't pull a strong skier at 36, but those guys are all skiing behind newer boats.

07-02-2022, 01:17 PM
I would check Acme propeller as they have a prop selector tool that will help find the prop based on the parameters you give it. Or I have heard that OJ props has great customer support. Also Nettles out of Austin TX is great to work with.

My old boat had a 13x13 which was great but lacked the power needed at 34-36 to hold speed.

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