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07-06-2010, 02:23 AM
anyone from around conneaut lake or go there? i'm thinking of buying a used saltare if i can find the right one at a price i can live with and would like to have the opportunity to get to know one a little in person if someone has one they'd like to showoff a little....

i used to have a beast and the fella i shared a dock with had a saltare. but he was never at the lake when i was. so if anyone would like to meet a new person who's a supra lover i'd love the opportunity to talk boats with you and impose for a look at your boat

i live near pgh....

Ed G
07-06-2010, 12:47 PM

Where near the Burgh do you live?

I'm a Bethel Park boy (Slippery Rock Alumni), now living in Florida.

When I was a kid my family had a place at Lake Latonka, just outside of Mercer.

Loved that place.

07-06-2010, 01:36 PM
I Live Right By Cranberry Pa Which Is Exit 3 (mile Mark 28) On The Pa Turnpike. Conneaut Is I Think About 2 Plus Hours From Me. I Have A House I Venice Florida South Of Sarasota....

Do You Ever Get To Pa Anymore? How Long Since You Lived Here?

Ed G
07-06-2010, 05:33 PM
Well, hell, you oughta be real familar with Lake Latonka. It's right off route 62, about 1 mile west of 79.

I try to get up to the Burgh at least once a year...I gotta have my Danny's Parkview Pizza Italian Hoagie fix

My mom lives in Upper St. Clair and I have family all over Washington County.

I moved from Bethel Park in 1984.

I have many relatives up your way - the Edwards Family in Oil City and my Mothers parents (McDonald) used to own the Vowinkle Hotel in Vowinkle.

If your ever on your way up to Warren, stop in. The new owners of the Vowinkle Hotel makes some of the best chicken wings money can buy!

I Have a friend that lives near Venice - in Bonita Springs. Next time you come thru here, you make sure to give me a shout. I'll take you surfing behind the world's most famous Moomba Outback V :)

I'm about 4 hours from Venice - actually I'm 25 miles due west of Orlando.

"Your now in Steeler Country"

07-06-2010, 05:56 PM
you never know Ed.... i might just show up someday... my son is stationed in charleston, but is almost always gone these days to really dangerous places i just as soon he wasn't at in a jet (not ski... if you get my drift. ;) which is about halfway to venice and goes pretty close to you. actually don't get down very often. i came by the house a bad way. it was my parents, and my mom died Christmas eve.... so i'm actually in the process of wanting to sell it. but looks like if i do it's gonna be to one of my best friends, so i'ts always available to me.

when you get up this way please give me a shout and maybe we can get together. unfortunately i don't have a boat to take you out on, but i'm trying to remedy that if i can find what i want at a price i can live with.

actually, i don't know lake latonka... i may have driven by it a hundred times, but didn't know it i guess. my wife teaches at a college up that way... grove city if you know where that is. did you ever go to shenango? lots of folks around me go there i think. i used to do most of my boating on berlin reservoir west of youngstown ohio. i grew up in boardman which was close so went there from when i was a kid and then graduated to a little 16 foot outboard that i paid 250 bucks for and wish i still had... it was less hassel than most of the other boats i've owned. but most of the ones i had after that were ones that went a hundred mph and made a lot of noise.... :D probably weren't the best ski boats ever made. but i got rid of those kind and kept the beast there and docked it.

i've been toying with the idea of getting something like a 95 celebrity 240 openbow with is a 24 ft. deep v but just hate to buy something so big just so i can go to put n bay once a year or two and then have to suffer with on the lakes.... but as you know, used supras are difficult to find, and when they do pop up usually aren't on the market too long. especially the older ones which i'm interested. amazing how the folks who have these older boats are so attached to them they don't want to let go. although i think a lot has to do with shellin out 65k bucks for a new one if the did.... :cool:

but being retired now, i've finally got time to use one so i will find it eventually

Ed G
07-06-2010, 06:11 PM
Do I know where Grove City College is???

Man, I went to Slippery Rock. We were only about 8 miles south of GC College. Slippery Rock was a dry town, so Grove City is where we got our beer from...12 barrels of Iron City every Friday night :)

We may be close in age. I graduated from the Rock in 82, but graduated from Bethel Park High School in 72 (spenta few years "finding myself").

I get to Charleston a couple times a year. My sister has a condo on the Isle of Palms. Gorgeous place. I like Charleston very much. Can't stand She Crab Soup :)

We have active duty Naval pilots on the Moomba board. I can always hook you up with them if you ever want to talk to someone who knows exactlly what your son is in to.

Sorry to hear about your mom. Always tough. My mom is 96 years old now and still hanging on, but who knows for how long.

Please! Show up anytime. I'm about 6.5 hours from Charleston.

In fact, will be up there the last week in Sept.

I hear ya about the inboard boats. I grew up on a 16 foot Starcraft with a 65 HP Mercury outboard and that made me feel like I was in ski heaven!

Oh and by the way...Moomba is a fantastic boat and worth checking out. It's known as the best bang for the buck boat. Visit us on the Moomba forums!

07-06-2010, 08:23 PM
nah... i'm a LOT older than you... :) i'm 61. but retired now for the last few years thanks to the 18 wheeler that didn't feel like stopping at the redlight i was half way through. just had my 37 operation last month. but i'm gettin a lot better now. may not be able to go wakeboarding, but i can sure dive in the wawa and go swimming and drive while somebody else gets pulled.

my son is part of a flight crew that flies a C17 and is a loadmaster. that's what's based in charleston. he's in kyrzekstan (sp) and afganastan right now which is on the border or china and russia where the US has a base that they actually share with russia. he says it's interesting to look out and see the russian guys glaring at them.... they're just tryin to act tough to the americans and i don't think it works too well. at least with him.... but if i buy a boat i'm sure he's gonna wish he lived closer. he's single... i told him i'd try to meet a bunch of young girls from 25 to 30 that want to go sking and introduce him so he can offer them a pull. he said something about making sure they didn't want to bring their boyfriends... :D

07-09-2010, 07:00 PM

I am in Somerset, PA. I keep my 87 Supra Sunsport down at the yough lake in confluence. Neve been on conneaut but I have heard good things about the lake.

07-10-2010, 01:29 AM
i'm actually thinkin of driving up to conneaut lake today and just looking around to see what it's like. i've tried calling the supra dealer up there a couple of times but he doesn't return my calls.... i understand they are probably busy righ now, but if they can't return my calls about buying a boat and giving them money, it makes me pretty nervous about wondering if or when they'd call me back if i had a problem AFTER i had given them money...

although, i'm going to be buying a used boat, i'd still need a place to repair and/or service and he's my closest supra dealer i think... anyway, i may try to make it up there and if nothing else find a place to take my wife for dinner. i'm thinkin it's about a 2 hour drive. i'll try to call him and email again to see if they're going to be there so i can at least look at whatever they have.

but still looking for that nice used saltare i think.... maybe in the fall i'll find one? i know pretty much exactly what i want, just have to find one

07-21-2010, 09:10 PM
I have a place on Conneaut Lake and my 87 sunSport is docked there. I'm there every weekend. Give me a shout. 412 605 4030

saltare inverts
07-28-2010, 11:07 PM
I might be moving to Landsdale PA. Do any of you guys know of any decent lakes around that area. Lakes close buy will make our decision much easier.