View Full Version : Purpose and expectations of this sub-forum

08-16-2010, 02:49 PM
Hey all,

I had a request to have a forum created for posting links to videos.

As you might imagine, this made me a bit nervous ... but - I am trying
to do what all of you want, within reason, for this group.

so - here are some guidelines for this sub-forum:

Everything must be tasteful ( my standards, or if someone complains - it's gone)
This is not a site for HOSTING the video, just a convenient place to link to the video
If I see ANYTHING that even comes close to violating the standards (mine!) of good taste, I will slam shut this entire group faster than you can say "crap!"

clearly - but just so you can't say I didn't say it - no porn
no nudity
need I continue?

If I have to explicitly expand this, I will. Now, let's see some AWESOME