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  1. That is what I'm going to do also. My brother-n-law has been helping me out a lot. He's got the big "shop". I'm on the floor this week, and once that is in I'll get it sprayed with... I'm doing the floor charcole and the outside black. I'll be keeping the seats for now, but will have them done someday??$$$
  2. How is the progress coming. I’m thinking about making some new gage backer plates out of brushed stainless steal if your interested it’s almost as easy to make 4 as it is to make to.
  3. Thanks for all the Pictures. You have a long way to go, good luck. Have you picked a color. I bought mine new in 86 and at that time the dealer had a black & dark gray one setting next next to mine it look hot but black is hard to keep up.
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