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  1. Hey I do have FAE so it helps me hear the audio more. You should buy the FAE from the classafieds here that is a super steal! The KMT6 are very clear and loud, although just slightly on the tinny-sounding side, which I think is pretty normal for these speakers since we have low-pass turned on at the amp. I am not the best with amps but I have RMS Power Output @ 4 Ohms : 125 Watts x 4-Channel, RMS Power Output @ 2 Ohms : 200 Watts x 4-Channel. So I am using two channels, one to each tower speaker pod. They are bridged and wired in seris (I THINK, crap). They can take more power but not a whole lot. For my amp I went with a 5-ch amp that can power tower, cabin and sub zones.
  2. How clear and load are the Kicker tower speakers you have? What amp/watts do you have pushing it? I need music!
  3. New pics are up in my P&J thread!
  4. You are definitly 'it' for picture tag now!!! Happy fourth
  5. Thanks for the all new pics. Great to see.
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