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  1. LOL My message was way too long, I'll just send you a pm. A little wake diff but mostly hole shot.
  2. thanks mike that means a lot coming from you... reading your thread right now, very impressive! yeah my dad and i drove out to get it about 22 hrs. one way. it was pretty scary not knowing exactly what i was getting but couldn't be happier with it! dshaff seems like a cool dude, very willing to answer questions.. the only upgrade i did so far was a sub but am putting perfect pass in in the next couple weeks. should be able to figure it out from your thread but may have a few questions about weight.. one question i do have for you, does the 913 prop make a big difference in the wake or just give you a better hole shot? pics soon to come...
  3. Oh ya I see now dshaffs haha you got a great great boat!!!!!!!!!!!! Solid for 20+ years. I would say you got a great deal on it too. Not much better to get into unless you're willing to spend 20k for a v-drive and 330hp. New stringers you lucky dog!!!!! Please post lots of pics of you enjoying the boat!
  4. Beautiful boat, did you buy it from someone on the forum? Looks kinda familiar. She sure looks set up nice!! Congrats and hope you enjoy her! Shame to let her escape MN hehe but good job on the cross country haul! Did you drive yourself? Hope you enjoy her!
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