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  1. I think you will be happy with Donny. I have not had him to do any of my work, but if I had it to do over again, Donny would do my stringers. Dan (see 83 Rider then and now) under pride and joy) had hisnstringers done by Donny Bennett. Jim Jackson designed my interior and I think that is his strong suite. They really put together a nice interior and the quality is there. But Jim has financial issues that would prohibit me from hiring him again. Your best bet is to get the stringer job done, then maybe have your interior done locally by a quality shop.
    Cost for my job? Mine was a "package price" that included stringers and floor, custom interior with modications, hull repairs, new gauges and controls, a custom tower, custom cover and trailer modifications. I spent $11K with Jim. I decided before we started that this boat would be a "keeper" so I'm not concerned about having mire in it than what it's worth on paper. I'm happy.
  2. Thanks for the referral to Donny Bennett. Boat will be headed down there in a couple of weeks. Who did your interior? Jim @ Viper? Curious as to the right / experienced source to do the interior. Your interior is one to mimic - very nice. Approximately what was the range ($) spent to achieve that quality of a job?
    Thanks - Chris
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