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  1. Yeah - I'll bet you'll be happy to have your renovations done. I've been in your shoes - we built our house in 1995-96 (took 54 weeks) and we moved in before I was finished. I also spent 3 years of my life as a self-employed general contractor (licensed in WV) primarily doing residential remodeling. It's hard work. Having said that, I usually don't like to pay to have someone do something I can do myself, but I really know nothing about fiberglass so that's why I'm staying away from rebuilding my boat. If I was younger, I would probably tackle the job, but now I'm happy to leave it to a professional. I don't have too many projects left at home and I'm being very cautious of those I take on now because I know that as soon as the boat comes back, everything else around here is going to come to a screeching halt! I hope that you get your boat to the place you want it this year so you can enjoy it! Can't wait for spring!
  2. I'll be sooo happy when the home reno is done!!! Works been good so we're putting it back into the house to finish it....I've got it down to trim and paint left, we'll see about the kitchen later! I figure I'll have a good chunk of change for the boat this spring and she'll be pretty goodlooking and running even better next year.m Just not sure still about buying a tower and which one.....I think for the amount of use mine'll get I don't want to spend much more than a $1000....Pretty exciting that next season you'll be basically driving a new boat!!!!! Almost like Jim built your boat and now he's restoring it!!!!!
    Happy Holidays from the Bednar's!!!!!!
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