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  1. Yeah mine is J586, so I am January of 86. I guess the five probably stands for the model, Ssunsport! I have a buddy that has an 85 Sunsport and he has the same windshield as mine. Probably half way through that year's production they ran out of the old windshields and used the newer ones like is on your boat!
  2. Mine was actually built in August of 85, according to the VIN on the back of the hull. The last 4 digits of the VIN gives the date of manufacture. Fourth from last is a letter of the month of manufacture, then 1 digit for the year of manufacture and the last two is the model year. My last 4 are G586. I gotta believe the G stands for August because an A would be April and no other month has the letter G. Go figure.
  3. Mine is a sunsport skier. I know our poles are the same because it id just the angle mine was shot at with the camera. My boat must be an earlier production than yours because the riders had the same windshield as mine. If you look at pictures of chautauquasun's 84 rider you will see the same windshield. I am going to cut those sides off to make way for a bimini top and hate them. They are purely coemetic and take up space.
  4. I noticed that about your windshield. Mine is a Sunsport Skier and the windshield is factory. I thought maybe yours was modified cause I think that your pylon is taller than mine too - looks like it was set up for skiing around the front of the boat when making tight u-turns with a slalom skier to return to the gate of the course - tapered side shields and taller pylon would allow the rope to go around the front of the boat without taking the driver's head off. My brother used to do that - freaked me out! So is your windshield original? Do you have the Sunsport or the Sunsport Skier?
  5. We both have 86 sun sports but your windshield looks different than mine! the sides are different and you do not have that annoying long sloping trim piece! I am seriously considering cutting it off! Did you do that or was it like it is in the pictures?
  6. After looking at the pictures of your hull. You do not have the oxidation i had so you may want to try the 3m super cut first and then the finishing compound!
  7. Mine is a 1986 Sunsport skier also! The skier part of the name came off when I was rubbing it out! I started wet sanding with 400 and 600 grit paper. After that i switch to the wheel using 3M super cut rubbing compound and with finishing compound. I then of course waxed it! My pole is the same height as your it's just the angle. I have the original trailer and yours is looks to be "aftermarket". You sit up a lot higher with that trailer then i do! I looked at your pictures and mine is about the same height as the driver seat. The original trailers are very prone to rust. The put carpeted plywood on the steps and fenders. I spent a bunch of time re-doing mine! Also I will be adding my motor upgrades. Gt-40p heads intake and cam. Will posts the pics. Look forward to hearing from you more since we have the same boat!!
  8. Those are great pics of your boat in your album. I want to know the details to make your hull shine like that. Mine needs that. Also, yours is a Sunsport and mine is a Sunsport Skier - both 1986. I see a difference in the side windows. And do you have some kind of extension on your ski pole or is it all one piece? Mine is not that tall.
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