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    [QUOTE=SupraLaunch21V;104770] question about...

    question about this as I am considering a 2007 22SSV and I ski at 36MPH maybe down to 34MPH on a course. I have heard this boat can't go that fast 32 is gonna suck as I would feel like I'm sinking
  2. Thanks for the info. its the 5.7L 325 with 495...

    Thanks for the info. its the 5.7L 325 with 495 hours. Good to know about slalom speed and I know a great crossover boat cannot possibly exist but if I can get to 36 I'll be happy. I didn't...
  3. Lake Lanier area 2007- 2011 22ssv or similar owners??

    I am considering this as my next boat anyone in north GA area willing to give me a pull and answer questions?
  4. 1994 Mastercraft 205 owner considering 2007 22ssv

    Hey just joined this forum as I really think a Supra 22ssv is my next boat. Came from slalom course skiing in the 90s still free ski at 36mph. I am 47 and have 2 wakeboard inverts. But surfing is...
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