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Thread: 1988 Supra TS6M

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    Default 1988 Supra TS6M

    I figured since I posted so much in the Service and Help section I would finally post up some photos of the boat. Here is my 1988 Supra TS6M, Might be adding a tower to it soon.
    Thanks everyone for your help. I should have some photos of her on the water tomorrow.


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    I really like your trailer and I haven't seen a seat behind the driver in comp before. Does anyone else have that?
    '92 Mariah

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    I love the trailer also, the front tongue comes off and so does the swim deck on the back so it will fit in a smaller garage.
    The seat is (was) custom built and is movable around inside the boat. If someone doesn't want to be spotter up front they can move it where it is. Or you can flip it around and sit normal. It's very stable also without being screwed down.

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