Hello everybody !

I'm a happy new owner of a 1989 SALTARE, the unique piece here in France ! I got it last weekend and tested it in water 2 days ago (10°C outside, 5°C in water ...)
It comes with the 454ci, has 292 hours, is in good overall condition.
I just need to clean the vinyl, carpet and polish the hull.

I need also to check/change to steering cable, it's very hard to turn even when the boat is stopped. I will rebuild the wood floor hatch beind the engine box, it start to be flexible. I will use PVC for this part. Floors and stringers looks perfect even arround the engine bolts.

The boat will be mainly used for wakeboarding. I plan to put on it a Monster MT2 tower with racks and mirror. A complete BOSS audio marine hifi : head unit, 4x 6"½ round speakers in the boat, 4x 6"x9" oval speakers on tower in a home made box, a subwoofer in enclosure.
If I have more money, I plan to wrap it ...

I will also do some mods on the trailer as here in France, trailers looks horrific !

Here are few pisc of that monster, I will post many others as soon as I start to work on it :