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    Thanks Titan...I wasn't sure if the sock had a smaller diameter to the rudder port that helped keep the rudder from wobbling. Just learning as I go. One of my grease seals was all bent up so that certainly did not help. But I will pad things with an extra o-ring if it needs it.


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    Got everything back together and the rudder is much more secure and pumped full of grease. It has such a smoother feeling at the wheel, so smooth I though it wasn't working.

    My rudder was really hard to get back through the port. One suggestion I saw was to out your grease rings in the freezer before putting them in to make them easier to insert. I ended up using a cat jack to get the rudder through.

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    I just fixed the photo links at the beginning of this thread. I didn't realize they had broken - sorry about that. Should be working now.

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