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    I am sorry for posting another thread again but I have emlinated it down.
    While searching again I found a really clean 1988 Ski Supreme with Tower for around $4200.
    Has anyone ever heard anything about these boats or how the wake is?

    I was looking at the 1986 Supra Sunsport for more money, but this boat is already to go.
    Any ideas?

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    What are you looking for this boat for? Wakeboarding, skiing, barefoot? I just completed a VERY long boat search and can tell you that in the way of budget boats, not much can compare with the Sunsports in terms of a wakeboarding. When weighted, it is one of the top ones by far. Generally speaking, the 5 boats that work well for wakeboarding are:

    Supra Sunsport
    Correct Craft Sport Nautique
    Malibu Sunsetter
    MasterCraft Prostar 205/209
    Correct Craft Ski Nautique 2001

    To be honest with you, I wouldn't really consider another boat if all you are looking for is a wakeboard boat unless you find an offer to good to pass up. That being said, Ski Supremes are great boats from my understanding...just not necessarily for wakeboarding.

    You need to be very weary of the wood stringers in any of these boats as well (accept for the Mastercrafts) since that can be a huge expense. I am still praying that mine are as good as they feel.

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    Looking for wakeboarding but on a very tight budget and the ski supreme has a tower and such already.
    How can you check the stringers and such?

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    People on here will know more than I but from my understanding...there really is no tried and true method to guarantee these are good. The most obvious thing is to...well...look. Get in where you can inside the hull to look at stringers. If you walk around in the boat, feel for soft spots. While not a 100% tell, if the floors are soft then there is a good chance that the stringers have at least some sort of rot. If you have access to where the engine mounts to the stringers, just try to turn the engine mount bolts. If they turn freely, you have rot. I can tell you that this is a great way to check, I once looked at a Sunsport that I could pull the bolts out of...when I pulled one out water poured out of the hole...NOT good.

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    I still have a 1988 ski supreme bow rider in my possession still and it is great for wakeboarding! It's size, weight and shape are very close to the sunsport. If it's the same deep Vee as mine (sierra supreme), I'd take it over the older shallower malibu, mastercrafts, and ski nautique ski boats in a heart beat.

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