All - need some advice. Raccoon got into the boat. Made multiple latrine areas. Slashed the drivers seat to shreds and torn up most of the interior. Looks to have made a nice home in the engine cover glove box. Big mess.

Not what I wanted to deal with as ski season started.

Anyone else deal with this and the consequences ? Concerns are...

1. raccoon roundworm - will need new carpet is assumed
2. raccoon urine - will this affect the wooden floors ? Will this be an odor nightmare during the summers as she heats under her cover M-F ? Need to replace floors ?
3. Insurance man says 8k is value if "totaled" and I can submit ONE estimate for mechanical and interior damage. Not 3, just 1 estimate.
4. I assume the raccoon slid between the cover hemline and the boat, some rumors say they can chew in via the exahust work under the platform. True ?

Boat is original. No tower. Paid off. Trailer ugly but 100% up to date. Mechanically boat is 100%. Family boat so small kids are common. Gel coat and interior dated and faded. Like your old girlfriend - a bit ugly on the outside but a winner where she counts.