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    Default Rudder Servicing tips - '88 Saltare

    This is my first post to this forum and I am about to embark on dropping the rudder to inspect for wear and play. We have a signifcant amount of water coming in. We have the grease fitting version vs. the stuffing similar version. I am interested in any tips from the group's....dont's and otherwise. It would appear that the boat needs to be backed off the trailer a bit to clear the trailer brace for example... thanks in advance
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    Yes. Boat needs to be jacked up or backed pretty far off the trailer to clear. Be careful how you jack it. I'd use two jacks. You will scare the shit out of yourself if it falls off the jack. Don't ask me (or my floor jack) how I know this.

    Once out, use TitanTNs "rebuild" thread. It's got part numbers for the grease seals and o-rings from NAPA. You'll want to make sure you get some 5200 (or similar) sealant to reattach the rudder port to the hull. It may be difficult to break free but with some heat and determination, you'll get there.

    Also -- I considered leaving the rudder port in the boat. Glad I didn't. It would have taken twice as long. I'd remove it and take that right up to NAPA (when you think they might be slow.) They'll be able to get you all the snap rings and o-rings that you need to finish the job.

    Let us know if you need help!
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    It probably depends on what type of front mount you have, and how far you pull the boat up on the trailer for determining if you need to jack up the boat. I didn't have to. You might.

    Here is the rebuild link for the grease fitting rudder port.

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    I replaced my worn out packing style rudder with a new greased unit. I used a jack (and a big piece of 1-1/8" subfloor plywood to spread the load) to rock mine over to one side so the rudder would drop to the side of the center prop guard base. If you're removing the old rudder port/base - I used a straight razor to cut as much of the old adhesive as I could from around and up under the old base. Use slow steady pressure (I pried with a hd putty knife and heat) instead of impact (hammer) to break it loose.
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