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Hi all, recently purchased a 1990 20' Supra Sunsport with PCM Ford 351 factory 230 HP. 475 hrs on engine. I have the 1:1 tranny. This is the first boat I've owned, although been around boats most of my life. Still, learning a ton of new info. This is exactly the post I was looking for so thanks to SquamInboards for initiating it. I will be using the boat mostly for skiing and wake boarding and just all around cruising. I know I have a three blade prop and I believe it's OEM, but sorry I don't have other details. I'd really like to know what others would recommend for my boat and usage. Thanks!

Hi Rob

I hope all is going well with the SunSport! Every time I cross the wake of my 21V I miss your boat! The two props I gave with are both stock. you are correct. My understanding is that you wont find a prop that makes the boat go faster (due to Hull design). There may be a power prop available for wakeboarding, but I don't think you would need it unless you've added ballast bags to the boat. Not sure what you are looking to do. But I had 10 people in the boat and pull 3 skiers out.

Unfortunately, I don,t think you'll find a prop to make it go faster than 43 MPH due to hull design. Also I'd not mess with the RPMs if someone recommends that. I hope your enjoying the boat, I'm getting my out a lot this summer!