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Thread: Prop Specs ONLY

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    Default Prop Specs ONLY

    Thanks! I now realized I made an error in my original post. I have the PCM 40A transmission (1.23:1). Everything else is correct. Current prop is a 14x14 RH 3 blade ni-bral

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    Ah, that makes sense, most of these boats (Correct Craft too) switched to the 1.23 in 1989.

    I can't recall if it's been emphasized here, but you should definitely know that a new CNC prop will be smaller in diameter and possibly pitch, too. This is largely because the overall surface area is so much greater within the circumference of the prop. Does that make sense? I went from a 14x16 to a 12.5x14.25 (however, the prop had been rebuilt and material removed so the actual outside diameter measurement was more like 13". I took a picture comparing an old prop to a new one side-by-side, I'll post it here if I can find it.

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    Resurrecting the old thread again.

    1993 TS6M Comp
    285 HP HO BOSS, GT head version with carb

    Current prop is
    13x13 original but is giving me poor hole shot and severe vibration compared to my friends TS6 Comp Classic.

    Just ordered an ACME 541 13x12 0.08 cup

    Used for Skiing, Slalom, Trick, Jump...very occasional wakeboarding....ABSOLUTELY NO BALLAST , 2 fat knackers in the boat is enough

    Will post comparison when completed.
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    1993 TS6M Comp
    285 HP HO BOSS, GT head version with carb
    LH Rotation

    Right just fitted the new prop.

    Old spec was

    13 x 15 OJ prop
    WOT 3800 RPM
    42mph via GPS
    Hole shot was poor.
    Serious vibration on accel and cruise.

    New spec

    ACME 541 13 x 12 0.08 cup on a 1" shaft (good deal and great service from WakeMakers) to the UK within a week of order.
    WOT 4300 RPM
    V Max 44 mph via GPS with 2 passengers on board.
    Hole shot ... OMG...takes off like a scalded cat with a rocket up its butt :O. I will time the 0 to vmax time later this week
    Absolutely no vibration at all.

    Wake seems very similar to before, no change in rooster position and no adjustment to wake plate.

    Gotta love this prop
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    1983 Supra Sport
    PCM Engine 260hp
    Velvet drive 1:1 gear ratio

    Old prop:
    Federal Supercup 13x13 nibral

    with approx. 1500lbs ballast very bad performance, poor hole shot, massive vibrations, wake was washed out
    WOT 3900 rpm @ 40mph

    new prop ACME 541 13x12 3-blade
    feels like a new boat, no vibrations at all, excellent hole shot, better/cleaner/longer surf wake
    WOT 4200rpm @ 40mph

    ordered prop at nettleprops, shipping time 10 days to Germany.

    We are super happy with the purchase!

    cheers Flo

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    1987 Supra TS6m
    351w, GT40p heads, Performer RPM intake, Edlebrock 1410
    Velvet Drive 1:1

    Acme 541 13x12 3-blade
    Great holeshot, great ski wake, great fuel economy
    WOT 4500~4600rpm @ 44-45mph depending on conditions and passengers

    $369 from Wake Makers!!!!
    1987 Supra Comp TS6M
    GT40p Heads, Performer RPM intake, DUI HEI Ignition
    ACME 541
    Big Air Ice Tower

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    Default I've got a 1991 too

    Quote Originally Posted by inair View Post
    1991 Supra Sunsport
    PCM Ford 351 factory 230 HP. Currently 840hrs HP?
    Tranny 1.123:1
    Acme 668 4 Blade, 12.5X15.5 CNC .150 cup

    4000 RPM WOT Two people in boat no ballast Full Gas Tank 43 MPH unverified

    Boat is used primarily for boarding with up to 450lb of ballast and skiing.
    Pulls very strong for skiing and boarding. Unknown how it would do with surf ballast.
    The reason I changed props was that I couldn't seem to get the old one balanced and had a lot of vibration.
    Did my research before buying. Learned a lot about prop theory but ended up buying a prop that was recommended by Nettles Props instead of the the one my calculation said was right. Prop theory says a 4 blade is less efficient than a 3 blade but easier to keep in balance. Also prop theory says I'm over propped (too much pitch and cup). But I'm happy with it so far. If I tried surfing I don't know but I hope to find out!

    Hey, just trying to make contact with other people with 91 Sunsports. You still have yours?

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    Saw this link in another thread, it's a nice resource:

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    1986 Supra Sunsport
    240 HP 351
    LH Rotation

    Old prop was the original OJ. Slight vibration. I though it performed well but had no point of reference. We bought the boat this spring. My first experience with boats.
    Had read many posts praising Acme props and people saying they with they had bought one sooner. Decided why wait?

    New Prop.

    ACME 543 from Nettle.
    Quick shipping, good service and a free t-shirt.

    We are skiers, no ballast. Decided on the 543 due to our elevation. Lakes we frequent are between 3000' and 5000'.

    As stated above by UKandH:

    Hole shot ... OMG...takes off like a scalded cat with a rocket up its butt
    Absolutely no vibration at all.

    I agree with this 100%. The change in acceleration is very noticeable. Both hole shot and when already cruising. Plus it is super smooth.
    1986 Sunsport Skier with Acme 543

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    Yes, gnarly I still have this set up. For my tranny (same as yours) and what we do with the boat it is great. really good hole shot even with 450 lb sack and 4 or five people. We ski and wake board with it and its been great. Just came home from the Southern Supra reunion; what a blast!
    1991 SunSport

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