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Thread: Prop Specs ONLY

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    New to the forums here, I have a 1989 Pirata 351 that I’m hoping to turn into a respectable surf boat. Recently damaged the stock 3 blade prop and now it shudders when weighted down with 2500 pounds and a surf shaper. Any recommendations on what prop to go with as an upgrade? Not concerned about top speed. I believe I have a 1” shaft, but am not entirely sure. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    A propeller is a device with a rotating hub and radiating blades that are set at a pitch to form a helical spiral, that, when rotated, performs an action which is similar to Archimedes' screw. It transforms rotational power into linear thrust by acting upon a working fluid, such as water or air.[1] The rotational motion of the blades is converted into thrust by creating a pressure difference between the two surfaces. VidMate
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    2007 Supra Launch 20SSV

    Indmar MPI-325
    1.45:1 Transmission
    13.5x17.5 4-blade, unknown cup

    4800 RPM WOT / 41mpg (unverified)
    no ballast, wake plate at 50%, 2-3poeple + gear
    Boat is used for skiing, wakeboarding, and surfer
    Hole shot for skiing is pretty good, I don't give full throttle to most people
    planing full loaded (1200lbs ballast plus 4 adults) is a little slow but it gets there
    The top end doesn't seem much affected by the number of people, it seem like it will always do 39-41mpg

    rpm/mph (wake plate 100% down)
    -> wake plate at 50% normally gives you 1-2mph at any RPM

    I'm thinking about getting ACME 1591 14x16, 0.135 cup to see if I can gain a little on the bottom end without losing much on the top end or having a really high RPM when waterskiing.

    Side note: Has anyone compiled this data?

    A summary would be fantastic for anyone looking at getting a new prop.

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    I have a 2008 20 SSV with almost the same specs. I need to replace my prop. Did you upgrade yours as you mentioned? If you did how do you like it?

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