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    Cool Type/Brand of Depth Sounder

    Hi Guys,

    Looking at different depth sounders to install on my 1997 Supra Vision. The old depth sounder was broken on the boat when I bought it and it is a Lowrance that has been discontinued (or I would probably get the same one to simplify installation) so I am needing a new one. I mainly boat on the Columbia in Tri-City area so have survived without one but still want to get one for peace of mind.

    Wondering what is the easiest to install and which brand is good bang for your buck. I looked into hawkeye they seem to be a pretty good deal. I would prefer a thru hull transducer unless the in hull transducer is really worth it so that I don't have to drill through the hull/transom.

    Any help is appreciated to a noob boat owner.


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    We bought a Lowrance for $150 on ebay. Mounted the transducer inside the hull. Shows temp and depth. Inside the hull works only at low speeds and stopped. You have to mount it on the transom if you want it to work while cruising.
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    I purchased a Humminbird HDR650 in 2013. Installation was simple, and I'm satisfied with its performance. I mounted the transducer in the hull next to the drive shaft packing box. Depth readings are accurate below ~28 mph. I paid $100 from Overton's or iboats, can't remember which.

    It has a shallow depth alarm, and a keel offset which makes me more comfortable allowing others to take the boat into the beach.

    The transducers do not work through air. When installing the transducer, use a slow setting epoxy to allow the air bubbles to work their way out before the epoxy sets.
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