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    Default 2013SA Stock Stereo Help

    Hello Everyone,

    2nd owner and first owner likely had replaced the tower speakers and took them for his new boat. I am left with no tower speakers and the tower speaker wires unhooked down near the single remaining (?) stock POLK amp. The POLK amp is driving 5 cabin speakers (2 bow, 3 lounge).

    My goal is that I plan to add tower speakers and if I can get back to a stock setup I would be ok with that for now. Mostly desire cove music and my cabin speaker only setup just doesn't cut it. If we also get moderate surfing tunes that would be a bonus. I don't really care to project out to wakeboard distances. I don't have a factory sub and no interest in adding one at this time.

    Having said all of that, does anyone know if I am missing a second stock amp that maybe also drove the stock Polk tower speakers? Or does this single amp drive teh the cabins and the stock Polk towers?

    And finally, I am open to recommendations for tower speakers and a second amp if that is what I need. Would also be interested in purchasing old stock if any of you upgraded to better gear from stock and have the factory speakers/amp lying around.

    Also, I have red/white outputs from the headunit also unhooked down near the amp (dangling with the unhooked tower speaker wires). Maybe this is part of the Tower speaker setup?? Drove a sub or a zone setup?? It looks like they would connect into the Rear Line Level Inputs on the Amp? Also, note the Channel Mode on the amp is set to ST which per the manual is for a two-channel output from the headunit. Does this add up to you guys??

    Thanks for your help,

    Steven in NC/SA2013
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    Well they might have had just one amp pushing those speakers but if there is a sub too then I guess it would have had two amps. My 2006 Supra was outfitted by Earmark Audio. 14 speakers and two subs. Definitely two amps. When you say outputs from the head unit are you referring to RCAs?

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