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    If just hanging out, fill your rear ballast. It will sink the platform and be way easier for folks to get back on the boat. Maybe attach a short rope to the back as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenang View Post
    We just purchased a 2014 Supra SC450, and we are looking at ladder options for the same reason as you.....the need for accessibility from the water for older family members. Can you tell me about the ladder you added, the effect it had, and any recommendations you might make?

    Thanks in advance!
    I ordered it from

    What I ordered was LADR30004

    It is on page 74 of this catalog:

    As far as usefulness, it gets used all the time. In terms of effect, I don't really notice that is has had any negative effect. Our wave is quite nice and I have other friends who wake surf that prefer our boat/wave to theirs!

    I hope that helps!
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