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    Default Cosmetic or do we have an issue

    We have an 2018 SA450 that we had owned for 2 months before things began to fall apart.. Has anyone else had any of these issues or are we just the lucky owners of a Lemon?

    Ballast bags in the back would push against our panels and bend them, causing the track to bend and actually push the panels up so our back cushions would not close.

    All our bolts on driver side near the ballast bags in the BOW were stripped from the fiberglass

    We have 2 8 inch stress gel coat marks in the middle of the boat one on each side...
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    Sounds like you have some warranty issues. All new boats have something that needs to be worked on by the dealer. Usually it's something related to screens, radios, something electric to fix or read an engine code warning.

    Ballast Bags - if they have the std bags, the bags should not be pushing against the divider so-much that is knocks off the track. Do you know if the bags are filling correctly in the space? Usually guys with upgraded bags have issues with all the add'l weight pushing against the panels. There are supports they make to fix this. 2nd item to check is to see if the vents are working - thus the bags are not overfilling or cannot inflate properly.

    Bolts - not sure from the picture, appears to be the back lockers. Did the bolts fall out? Does not appear to be a big issue for the dealer to fix.

    Stress Cracks - hard to see from the picture, but they will appear on most boats. Usually not within the first two months, but in areas of large pressure - like around the tower mounts or swim platform mounts or ???. Or could it be part of the gel/glass process when the boat was being built. They are usually cosmetic, which sometimes gets leads into dealer-customer disagreements. But the get the dealer to take a look to find out 1) why it's happening and 2) what can be done to fix it.

    I had stress cracks fixed on my Supra transom around the swim platform mounts and where the top-lid connected to the hull. Mine was out of warranty (I paid for), but was fixed up good as new.
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