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    Default Interesting Craigslist finds

    I've noticed all the other boat forums have a thread like this so I figured I'd start one for us. I found this 1995 Supra Comp ts6m with a GT40 engine on Craigslist, it's also on and I believe the seller posted it on the forums at one point.

    Not trying to knock the seller too hard, but this boat is far from perfect condition. From what I saw when I looked at it, it appears that it was left uncovered all winter. The vinyl is black and yellow, the rear seats are cracking and the driver footwell was filled with water. To winterize it he said he removed the freeze plugs. When I looked at the boat there was one freeze plug removed on the front passenger side of the engine. The rest of the freeze plugs appeared to have been pushed out slightly and have rust stains dripping below them. I would be very concerned about this engine block having major issues at this point.

    Just wanted to give a heads up on this one in case any of you were considering looking at this boat. For some reason my phone isn't letting me post the link.
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