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    Default 1990 Supra Sunsport Wrap; Cubby holes; Dash Cluster Questions

    Hi all, new member

    1990 Supra Sunsport 21SV. First ski/wake boat I've had and it's been a blast. Looking to do some winter up dating and facelifting.

    Things on the agenda are a wrap; dash/gauge update; fix/update broken cubby hole doors and hinges.

    Start by asking some of my (most likely dumb) questions around these updates

    The rail that goes around the front and the rear of the boat, does it serve any purpose other than cosmetics. If not I thought about removing it prior to wrapping as I feel like it helps date the boat.

    I have had two trucks wrapped, is there any special wrap products I should request for water usage?

    Updating the look of the dash I would like to go from "breaker style" switches to rockers. Any helpful tips or pictures would be extremely appreciated.

    The cubby holes on either side of the cooler have broken trim/doors/patches/hinges. I was hoping to replace with either original or possibly update to a tinted plexi with possible logo on them. I have had minimal luck finding internet replacements. Anyone know where to start with that project?

    Glad to be a part of the page and hope to not bug too many people. Thanks for the help. Here's some pics of the boat over the last couple years.



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    I'm a little late to respond to this, but I did most of these on my restore. Check it out the link on my signature.

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    Default 1990 Supra Sunsport Wrap Cubby holes Dash Cluster Questions

    Never did wrap to any of my cars, but interested and trying to do it to m2, simply to make less noticeable of the ugly sunroof coming as standard.

    Possible? And how does the wrap last over time?
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