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    Default 2002 supra ssv GFO packing size

    Hello all,

    I have a 2002 supra ssv that i need to replace the stuffing box packing in. I ordered 1/4 GFO and started to install but it seems big. I've been told that it's the right size by numerous people but man is it hard to get into the nut. I think i even spoke to the mechanic at our local supra dealer and that's what he suggested. I'm curious if i'm using the right packing size. I got one piece of packing in it now but before i start stuffing another ring of GFO in it i'd like to know anyone's thought on here.

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    About to do the same on my 2004 launch Lts. Guys at skidim said 1/4 gfo was the right size and that I should get 2 to 3 strips in there. Haven't had time yet to get up there and try it yet.

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