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    Default '88 comp rpm gauge

    Put the boat in for the weekend at my grandparents cabin and noticed that the rpm gauge no longer is functioning correctly. It turns up to 700ish rpm, and will raise to 800 when lowering the throttle to plane, but will not read at higher rpms. Has the gauge gone bad? Or what else could be the culprit?

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    Could be anything. You'll need to test the wires. Gauge could be bad or could be a loose connection

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    There is an adjustment on the back of the gauge that allows you to select a different cylinder to get the tachometer reading from, the only one you cannot select is cylinder 1 if I recall correctly. I would try that knob first.
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    If it's the same as my '84 Rider, that switch is to set the gauge for 2,4 or 8 cylinder engines. The PO had broken it in mine, so I just took the gauge apart and soldered it permanently in the 8 cyl spot. That being said, it still didn't read correctly, and as I'm in the process of installing perfect pass, I pulled it out without troubleshooting further. I assumed that it wasn't reading correctly due to an aftermarket automotive electronic ignition but in your case this is definitely not the issue.

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