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    keithc, Mischief IV purchased his wakeshaper from me. I do ship internationally through my eBay store. Just do a search on eBay for Inland Curl and you will be able to get a shipping quote to your door!
    Inland Curl wakeshapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonysupraman View Post
    I have tried 2 suction cup models and cannot get them to attach. Anyone used one on this model boat? Thanks

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    I own a 20SSV and my suck gate sticks to my boat. I had to do some modifications to the suck gate first since the 20SSV has a somewhat of a curved hall in the rear.

    First of all Iím using a suck gate with 4 inch diameter suction cups, Iíve tried smaller ones and they deafly donít stay on under load.

    I took the robber portions out of the handle and sanded the bottom part to the same curvature as the boat.

    This was very easy to do I bought some sandpaper for a belt sander then cut it in half and taped the two ends to the side of the boat where the suck gate is going to be applied. I rubbed the bottom portion of the handle back-and-forth along the side of the boat on the sand paper making sure the plastic from the handle didnít touch the side of the boat so it wouldnít scratch. This created the same curve as the boat and the suction cup sticks like glue.

    I also have to mount the suction cups on the spot where there was no Decal. I have a gravity games addition.

    Iíve been using the same suck gate for two years now

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