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    Default Issues seeing all threads

    When I look at the forum list for "Pride and Joy" I see that there should be 361 threads, but when I click on the forum I only see one thread in the list. Do I have a setting wrong or something? I am viewing on a Samsung Note 8 both in the web browser and Tapatalk. Thanks.

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    Your date range is probably the issue. If you look there should be a selection you can make and right now it is probably on something like posts from the last month instead of all posts.
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    I know I am new here, but I am having this same issue also.

    If you click on “Forum Actions” up top, then click on “General Settings”.

    After that, scroll down to “Default Thread Age Cutoff”. There is a drop down, and all the way at the bottom is “Display all threads”.A59133A1-E03E-48D2-B059-7019731A366A.jpg696BCD19-F578-4145-AB5C-7CC3CAD34B5C.jpg
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    Thanks. I'll look at this tonight.

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