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    My amp for my tower speakers quit so I am looking for some input . The currant set up is a Diamond D3400-2 2 channel powering 2 Fusion T series tower speakers. I don't want to get louder and don't want to break the bank with high end amps that will never be used to capacity . I am looking for a good brand 2 or 4 channel amp 400 watts or more and try to keep it under 200.00 if possible.

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    Have had the Precision Power brand amps on my boat for the last 3 years. Work great, clear, loud if you want, and cheap. I was looking for another today as the only amp that wasn't Precision Power died, but having trouble finding what I want. We currently have a P900.4 running the in boat wetsounds, and a P600.2 for the sub.

    The other amp was a Hifonics Zeus something. Blew both fuses at low volume over the weekend so I think she's gone.

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    Hi Michael.
    I highly recommand class D amps for easy installation (little things), little amp drawing, good audio quality and big power.
    A little Soundstream PN5.640D is powering my whole boat. Sound quality is here, and despite it's only 2x80wrms for the tower, with my HLCD high sensitivity (97dB/w/m), it's loud, and clear.

    For your budget, this amp seems to be a good deal :

    If I (and I will) repower the boat, I'll probably go for 3 x Axton A200 amps. I don't know if they are imported in the US. It's a German brand, and believe me, those things are loud and HQ sound amplifiers.
    1989 Supra Saltare

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