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    Default Advice for Selling/Parting Out 1980"s Supra

    Hi guys!

    Many of my fondest childhood memories are of tubing and learning to ski behind my dad's Supra. Years later, I've inherited the boat but sadly I don't have the money to insure it and take it out, let alone maintain it. I believe the stringers are out. The last time it was running was 2 or 3 years ago and it worked great then so I'd assume the engine is ok. So, I find myself here as I'm trying to decide if it's better to try to sell it or hold onto it until someday when I can afford to fix it.

    I believe it's an '85 TS6M.

    If anyone would care to share what they think a fair asking price would be for a boat in this condition, I'd appreciate your thoughts. I've never driven, tubed, or skied behind a smoother boat!


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    Where is the boat located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael hunter View Post
    Where is the boat located?
    Hey Michael, sorry for the slow reply, I didn't see it until now. The boat is in Austin, Texas.

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    Can we get some pix ?

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