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    Default 2017 Supra SR surf settings

    New here and looking for surf settings for the SR. Anyone dialed in the wave with proper ballast and smart plate settings? Any help much appreciated

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    Hey man. What is your current setup? We are running 1100ís in back then an extra 500 lbs of lead. For surf left, with 3 or more people Iím running 100% ballast front and back left, then 80% right. Smart plate at 15-20, non surf side plate at 55. For less than 3 people, drop the front ballast to 80% and non surf side to 70%. Speed is always 10.6 for a taller shorter wave (easy to learn) and 11 for a shorter longer wave. I have my lead split up with 100 lbs each back corner under the ballast bags, then 400 along the surf side if less than 3 people, and if 3 or more split between the bow and surf side. Boat seems to like some list (lean) for a clean wave. If itís washy, seems to either be not enough list or too much speed on mine. Iíll check my pitch and roll tomorrow and report back. Thatís really what matters.

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    how is the sr for surfing? i might be selling my 2017 axis a 24 but i cannot find info on surf wave of sr?

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    Default SR400 Surf Settings

    Hey Smitty. So you removed your stock ballasts and bought these new 1100's? Were those just the bags or did you get new lines and pumps too? Really curious on this. Did you just not like the stock wave? I know it was awhile ago but any info you may have would be greatly appreciated. I have that same boat, 2017 SR 400.

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