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    Default Not Happy With 1433 Prop

    Hi, I have a 2012 Sunsport 22 with the standard motor. It has a 1433 prop on it. When running full ballast of 2500lbs it does an acceptable job of getting up to 10-11 mph. Where I really donít like it is Iíve noticed cavitation without loaded ballast while tubing. My top speed is 36mph at about 5100 rpm. Is this normal for this prop and boat? Iíve been told my only other option is a 1617 but would lose additional top end. Talk to me my Supra bros.

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    I’m in a 2007 22’ with the same prop.

    We mainly wakeboard or surf. I run 2500-3000#s when surfing. That upgraded prop does great hole shot for either of those.

    I’m probably at the same top end. I have not run WOT for awhile - last summer - could not give you any info on that.

    I’m not getting that same behavior. I get a lot higher RPMs during the take-off, I back it down faster.

    On that hull, old prop or newer prop, that hull does not react well to sharp turns. And I find a lot has to do where people are sitting - when the weight is not balanced.

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