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    Default Considering a Brand Swap

    New to the forum and hoping there is someone out there that has a 19 Supra SE. I have surfed 18 SL, 19 Ri257, 19 ZX5, i am considering a 19 SE but haven't been able to find one locally. If someone on here has one, that has photos/videos please post.

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    Canít help you much but I did get to see the SE at dealer and looked sweet. How did you like the ZX5?

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    Tige makes a great boat despite some of the bad rap I have heard. The ZX5 is a solid solid boat, it’s cranking a regular side wave like I have never seen. I will say I have owned a few Tige’s and really happy thus far. But Supra SE got my full attention with the new released/updated SE. I am looking for a monster boat that I can dump 2k of lead in and see what it will do. I saw a glimpse of Tige, now I need to see some “real_world” SE shots.

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    Hi there,
    You may want to look over on the moomba forum. Somehow, it has more active members with new Supras than this site. A member over there just brought home a '19 SE.
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    Awesome thank you

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