I recently purchased a project boat, 2006 Sunsport 24V. The last part of the project is repairing/modifying the factory Gravity III system.

So far what Iíve done is
1.tear out the sprinkler manifold.
2. Kept the factory Rule Pump for Center ballast only
3. Added electric solonoid valve to replace the center bag sprinkler valve.
4.replaced rear bag drain pumps with piranha 800 pumps
5. Kept the 1180 center bag
6. Installed Fly High 1100 bags in the lockers.

Iíve decided to feed the rear bags with 2 piranha 800s and my question is where to install the pumps/through hull fittings? Iím wondering what others here have done. Itís kinda cramped by the V-Drive.