Indmar discovered a potential issue which could cause the 230-amp alternator voltage regulator to fail. The voltage regulator failure may result in an electrical short circuit and may cause a thermal event. Indmar has begun a Safety Recall campaign to replace defective alternators on all 2019 model year 450 Indmar engines in Moomba and all 2019 model year 400, 450 and 575 Indmar engines in Supra. Notifications to dealers and registered owners have been sent by Indmar with instructions on what to do if their boat is equipped with the identified alternator. Indmar has sufficient stock of the new alternator to start and support this campaign.

What is the issue? The current voltage regulator installed on the 230 amp alternator part number 575018 may fail under certain conditions causing an electrical short circuit which could result in a thermal event. This failure may occur anytime the battery switch is in the ON position; the engine does not need to be running.

What is the risk? Should the voltage regulator failure result in a short circuit a thermal event may occur. Also the alternator could stop charging and the engine may shut down unexpectedly from discharged batteries. Batteries could also become over-charged resulting in damage. Do not start or operate the vessel until this recall is completed. Failure to complete these repairs may result in serious bodily injury, property damage, or death.

What will Indmar and your dealer do? Your dealer has been notified and will order the necessary parts to effect this repair. Indmar will supply a replacement alternator part number 575230 with an upgraded voltage regulator to eliminate the potential fault in the current voltage regulator.

How long will it take? The time required to complete the alternator replacement is typically less than one day. Due to dealer service scheduling requirements your dealer may need your vessel for a longer period of time.

What should you do? Immediately verify the battery switch is in the “off” position or disconnect the negative battery cables from the batteries until the repair is made. Please contact your dealer and request an appointment for replacement of your current alternator. Under no circumstances should your vessel be started or operated until the replacement is completed. If you need assistance locating an Indmar Certified Dealer you can use our Dealer Locator feature at or call us at 901-353-9930.

What if you no longer own this vessel? Please contact our Customer Service Department with the current owners contact information and we will send a certified letter to the current owner. If you have traded this vessel in please provide contact information of the purchasing party or dealer so we may contact them directly.