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    Default 2006 Supra swim platform

    Top screws of bracket are loose and no longer have thread. Tried to remove them and they feel like they have a bolt on the interior. Can anyone confirm? The bottom screws had no issues.

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    From what I’ve heard there is a nut on the back side and the only way to get to the nut is cutting an access area through the floor.

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    Yes the top ones have nuts on the inside. The bottom screws are self tapping screws that are supposed to tap in to an aluminum plate. I discovered that the center floatation compartment, under the center ballast bag, was water saturated so I assumed that it was the same with the aft ones. I took a hole saw and cut a 4" hole in the floor on each side (aft ballast bag compartment). Both sides where wet and on the port side the aluminum plate was loose on the floor/bottom. I put new bolts and nuts and installed a waterproof inspection hatch cover.
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