Posting here as I did not get any thoughts over on the Moomba forum. I have 3300lbs ballast and 500lbs lead currently running an OJ 945 and an ACME 2775. Both these props run similar and are good at my normal 500 feet elevation with typically 5-6 people but we are heading to Lake Powell in 2 weeks with a group of 9-10 people in total. With Powell being at 3700' elevation, I am concerned surfing might be a challenge with my current props. Been debating purchasing a 2419. I spoke with ACME today and he said the 2775 should outperform the 2419 in pushing weight and performance at elevation which honestly was hard to comprehend. Furthermore, his suggestion was a 2937 for elevation and weight but that seems crazy aggressive to me. Anyone have insight on what they have used along similar lines?

Thank you,