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    Default Vision Touch Problems

    I have been having a problem with a 2015 Supra SE 450 with the Vision Touch screen reverting to the ballast screen and some times it will start dumping. It has been happening quite often, 6 or 7 times with either dumping or filling. The boat has the latest software, is not throwing any codes and runs great with no stereo issues. I have tightened, reset or reseated every positive and negative connectioin to the batteries any buss bar circuit and Vision plugs. The boat has new batteries and I have tried running it in Batt 1, Batt 2 and Batt 1 and 2 and problem keeps occuring.

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    This is what scares me the most on newer boats . This one is only 3 years old just think what it will be like when the boat is ten years old and no longer supported by the manufacture.

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