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    Unhappy bunch of stuff from sunspot, new upholstery, tower perfect pass etc, all new in box,

    I bought an 86 Sunsport two years ago and took it to a guy to redo the stringers, he cut the boat apart and took the motor out and left it all sitting there, in the meantime I had all of the interior taken out and reupholstered (pd $3000 white with navy/black stripe) needless to say he screwed me and I will never see the boat. I bought EVERYTHING to make this a killer surf boat, brand new wake tower(Origin Challenger Blk with mirror with board racks pd $1100), new stereo and speakers, new upholstery, new Hydrophase Ridesteady (same as perfect pass new in box pd $1177) Ronix wake shaper, several ballast bags and all of the connectors (flow rite elbows quick connect releases valve fittings etc to hook them up, never used pd$384).... anyhow, I want to just sell it all and cut my losses.
    If you live in Northern California and want to outfit your older Sunsport, give me a holler and I can hook you up with beautiful new interior and then some.

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    If you are on facebook, join the 'Supra and Moomba owners' Group and post these items.. most will likely go fast... this forum see's a fraction of the traffic you will see there.

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    any pics of the interior pieces?
    '88 Sunsport, 2250lbs ballast, automated surf system, home made surf exhaust, surf flap, ACME 913, Krypt 6.5 HLCD's, Perfect Pass Stargazer

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    pm me at and I will send them to you... ty

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