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    Default Trashed impeller

    Forgot to re-open the main valve to the lake, when I closed it to run it on a hose. Trashed the impeller. Replace the impeller and rebuild the pump, put it on tonight but it was running hot. It normally runs around 120 or so but when I was running it at 4000 rpm she would get close to 150-170.

    Came home and took the thermostat off, and the water was steaming coming out of the manifold. Stupid me, with all of the hoses off, I turned it over to see if it was pumping water from the raw water pump and 190į water pumped out of the internal water pump and onto my leg.

    This at least let me know that water is flowing in there.

    I only found 2 little pieces of the impeller in my tstat housing. Itís an Ď86 salt with Supratrapps. My next move is to take them off to see if maybe it is blocking it at the exit??

    When I would slow down and run idle it would cool down. Last year, i could run it that hard and it only get up to 135-140.
    Any thoughts??

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    Well you've managed to distribute pieces of your impeller throughout the motor. You found 2 pieces, now time to look for the other 8. Check every elbow and tight spot you can. Then with the exhaust manifold hoses disconnected and the thermostat and housing off, backflush with a hose into the outlet port (the one with the hose connected to it) of the circulation pump and see what comes out of the thermostat opening.
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