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    Default Gopro unable to connect

    I have a 2019 SE 550 and cannot connect my Gopro Hero 7. the boat has it on the list but will not connect. I have also tried to connect it to a 2019 SA at my dealer showroom, Same outcome. Any suggestions?

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    I've talked with about 10 different '19 owners that all tell similar GoPro stories, none of which ended in 'mine works'. This was a pretty big feature that came with the updated helm. Our Hero5 Session actually connected and was controllable the first time. Had a couple failed attempts, then was able to connect again. But that was in the first few hrs of owing the boat, and since then, nuttin. GoPro is known for having somewhat klunky interface, even their IOS app is really flaky. We sent a bunch of info to the factory guys, but I've not heard much back other than them asking for camera and Dash firmware details.

    Any factory folks on here that can help shed some light? Is this an issue with Supra side or GoPro side?

    I'm ok to give them time to work out the bugs, but I'd like to have some confidence someone is working on it.

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    So this is not an isolated issue?

    Have you tried this? "Remove the Camera Entry from the App’s Device History & Re-Pair
    Due to a number of factors, the connection between app and camera can become out of sync, particularly when attempting to reconnect to a previously paired camera. If you’re having problems reconnecting to a camera that
    has previously been paired to the app, try removing the camera entry from the app’s device history and freshly pairing it again using the below instructions:"

    I think that might help you guys with your concern.
    If not try contacting gopro customer help or maybe sell and buy a new one.

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    Something came out about the dual band GoPros and connecting. People were having success using the 2.4ghz vs the 5.0. Maybe that helps.
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