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    Default Supra 2002 Throttle Return spring?


    I have a Supra Launch SSV from 2002, with the Indmar Assault TBI engine.

    I have recently installed Perfect pass to the boat, but it is not working very well (the unit is hunting severely and cannot keep speed).
    After following some trouble shooting tips I found that my Throttle return spring is very weak and that should at least be part of my problem.

    Now, I cannot really locate which spring I should get.
    I found one thread here, but for a different engine, that suggested Indmar part S631206-1.
    However I can only find that online from Australia.

    I live in Sweden and there are no Indmar dealers close by, so ideally I would want a part no that I can order online. And even better if there is a cross reference to Volvo Penta or Mercruiser because that way I could get it locally (instead of paying 20-30 USD shipping + waiting 2 weeks).


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    That S631206-1 spring is not for your application, it was used on engines with electronic throttle control. We do not carry return springs for throttle bodies. Auto parts stores here carry throttle return springs that you can add to an existing application to get more tension.
    Larry Engelbert
    Indmar Marine Engines

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