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    Default 2006 20SSV Possible Vapor Lock?

    About 3 weeks ago I bought a 2006 20SSV with the Indmar Assault 325 in it. The boat has 270 hours on it. Ive taken it out a few times now and have put about 5 hours on it.

    Yesterday we went out for a while and decided to park in a cove to swim some before heading back to the ramp. We swam for about 45 minutes or so and when we went to leave the boat didnt want to start. Finally got it started and it ran really rough. It idled up and down and even backfired once. At that point I decided to quit trying and luckily another boat offered to tow us back to the ramp.

    We get back to the ramp and I decided to see if it would start now because I had heard of the vapor lock before. Sure enough it fired right up and ran great. I pulled it back on the trailer and brought it home.

    My question is, does this sound like vapor lock to you guys? I would have poured some water on the fuel pump but was unsure exactly where the pump is located. I will be changing the in line fuel filter this coming week and will use ethanol free gas from now on to see if this helps with the issue.

    Any other help would be greatly appreciated and also if someone could explain where the fuel pump is located that would be great.

    Only other issue I've had with the boat is that one of the rear ballast bags somehow fills up on its own while driving.

    Thanks for any help! This is my first v drive boat.

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    Sounds like vapor lock to me. I just installed a second fuel pump on my fathers 2006 Launch and it solved the issue in the Texas heat. Ethanol has a lower boiling point than gas which creates the issue. The fuel pump is likely on the passenger side towards the rear of the engine, right under the exhaust manifold/riser. Discount Inboard Marine still has the conversion kits available. Grab a discount code and it will knock off another 10%.
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    Ethanol free gas works for me. Had 1-2 incidents the first year I owned the boat.

    Also helps to run the blower when under a heavy load.
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    I have had this happen several times to my 2008. Definitely vapor lock. Really happens if itís a hot day, and I run hard. Then stop. The engine soaks in the heat. And the lock happens

    I try to remember to open the hatch while we are sitting to let some of the heat out

    If it locks, know that under the passenger side of the top of the engine is a schroeder valve (like a tire valve) used to check fuel pressure. If you depress the center, as you would to let air out of a tire, it releases the pressure - but BE CAREFUL, as it is going to spray fuel. Dangerous. Put a rag or something. The engine should then start. But try opening the hatch when you stop so you donít have to use this method.

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