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    Hey All,

    I have a 2008 Supra 24SSV Launch. I really like the Swell Wakesurf Shaper that I have. I am tired of it falling off all the time and having to move it back and forth depending on the person riding. This is more about the shaper falling off all the time. I have been looking at the Go Surf assist system. Has anyone had any success with using one of these on this model of boat. In looking at the back of my boat I am not sure if it would work. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I have an 06 24v. Should be the same hull as yours. I use the Liquid Force wakesurf edge. Paid 300. I see now they have a bigger one for 400 but I’m not sure it makes a difference. I do know I’ve never had it come off the boat. The suction cups are pretty good. I looked at that go surf but the 3k price is steep in my opinion so I’ve stuck with the wake shaper instead.

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    I installed the Go Surf Assist on my 2013 242 Worlds and love the wake it makes. I am having some Vision screen issues so I have to take it back to the marina to check the wiring. My boat has 2 x 1100 in the trunk and 2 x650 under the side seats. I leave the center tank empty and run 10.6 mph.

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