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    Default NO LONGER FOR SALE 1988 Supra Mariah for sale, needs work


    All pics and info can be found in this link:

    Unfortunately I seem to need to rebuild my engine. I have performed multiple leak down tests (and tons of other diagnostics) and I have major exhaust leaks. I pulled the spark plugs and cranked it over and the engine shot out rusty water. The boat struggled to run properly this year and long story short, it decided not to crank over one friday afternoon. All electronics replaced last year for peace of mind... starter, solenoid, oil, cap/rotor etc and I threw in another new starter this year thinking/hoping my issue was a faulty starter. Carburetor is freshly rebuilt with 0 minutes run time. Regardless, I can barely crank this engine over by hand with a 2' breaker bar and all spark plugs removed. I have not torn the engine down because I do not have time. It is my opinion that this motor needs to be fully rebuilt or replaced with a crate engine. I believe my water jackets in the exhaust risers have rusted/rotten away, and when the engine is turned off the water backfeeds into the cylinders. Currently I do not have the time nor the desire to do so. Life is keeping me very busy.

    I am heartbroken after all the work that was put into this boat to have this happen. I loved this boat for the 4 full seasons I was able to enjoy it. I know this boat isn't worth much without a running engine, but I hope someone on here may find value in it and appreciate all that has been done to make this a fun, enjoyable boat to own. I have no clue what this boat is worth in its current state, but I am willing to hear reasonable offers. If this boat remains in my possession throughout the fall and winter it will be rebuilt and either used or sold afterward. I firmly believe this boat with a brand new engine will last a very very long time and no matter what it costs to repair, you'll be tens and tens of thousands of dollars cheaper than buying new or slightly used etc.

    Please email Lmnelson86 AT Gmail dotcom for more info and my phone number, I don't check here often. I would like to keep this boat, but if someone makes me an offer I can't refuse then I will let it go. Clear title for both boat and trailer. Located in New Baltimore MI.
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