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    Default Perfect pass module location

    Does anyone know where the perfect pass module is located at? I have a 2007 Supra Launch 20 SSV.

    Unfortunately, my electrical gremlins still continue this year. Long story short is that I had a short in my wiring harness that caused my ECM to go bad. The harness and ECM are replaced and everything now works well except that the perfect pass unit will not engage. It still turns on with the heads up display and it appears as if everything would work, but it does not take over control of the throttle.

    Many thanks!

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    The module is underneath the dash. You should run the test for the unit to see where the issue is. On the Perfect Pass website they have all the manuals to guid you through the process.

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    On my 2008, itís integrated in the software for the boat. Not a separate unit. There is a module on top of the engine as well that I think is the actual throttle control, not certain. Good luck
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